Is this what your daily schedule looks like?

Be it on paper, project sheets, or on-line calendaring, the major issue is the same -- too many things that happen all at once.

Underneath everything we do are a series of workflows. Task A must be done before Task B, which then gets handed to another group and they do Task C, and so on. while there may be a few fluctuations and variations on this theme, probably 75 - 90 % of it falls into the "same stuff different day" category.

Workflow can be automated through IT, and that is what workflow analysis is all about.

An example of this is a graphics design workflow, where several media files are cropped, sized, annotated, and placed into a dynamic web site or newsletter. Three or more applications feed results to each other and then to the final deliverable -- and all of the repetitive steps that are required by the nature of the job automated, so that the computer can free up these knowledge workers' time for other tasks. This workflow could be adapted to creation of a catalog, publishing a magazine, etc.

Another common workflow is data warehousing, where massive amounts of data is gathered by remote or local terminals, reprocessed by data entry clerks to validate and verify the raw information, then carved over and over again with customized queries or reports to deliver the results in palitable form for executives and knowledge users. The data gathering could have been validated and verfied by applying the same logic used by the clerks -- and the customizable reports could have been "learned" by the data warehouse for reuse dynamically by the executives.

KAUi has been doing this sort of consultation for many years, and can bring that Fortune 500-level expertise down to match your particular business and circumstances. We can show you where the workflows are, and how they can be automated to reduce your expenese and yet produce greater productivity.

Let our Workflow Analysis Team empower your business!


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