Developing for Free

The road to VC is paved with failures due to overspending your initial investments from within...this is so true. Many small and start-ups turn to cost-cutting and doing development with shoestring budgets. In the past, this might have meant hiring a UNIX geek to do all the work with OpenSource products, since they're free...but once the geek moved on, or hit the end of his/hercontract work, internal support and additions would be next to impossible.

The good news is with that pressure from the OpenSource workings, the major software vendors now provide free versions of the stronger, more production-tested development that it's no longer critical to outsource the work to iffy circumstances. Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Sun, Oracle, and others in the Big Leagues now provide fully-functional, sometimes slightly limited, versions of their masterpieces for the use of developing "the next big thing". Here on this page we will collect all of the ones currently available, and add in a humble voice that should you need guidance or training in any of these, we will be glad to help.


Visual Studio Express - "Limited" versions of SQL 2008, C#, C++, Visual Basic, and Web Developer. Projects are 100% compatible with the production versions of these programs when you are ready to scale them up.


11g Express Edition - Full version of application, size restriction on databases and number of simultaneous users. 100% compatible with production version.

Netbeans IDE - GUI-based Java development environment based on J2EE


WebSphere Application Server Community Edition - Full J2EE application server, lowest end of the IBM WebSphere product line. Scalable migration to other levels with minimum hassle.


ColdFusion 9.0.1 - Fully functional but restricted to singler user, internal LAN accecss conditions. 100% compatible.


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