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A solution is a term that is used to convey not just an answer to a problem, but also achieving its goal of being solved. At KAUi, we can offer a "solution" for just about anything that seems "odd" or "unreachable" to most, due to our broad-based exposure to both the mainstream and extremely vertical tools.

KAUi offers soultions for such things as getting applications or databases to "speak" to each other, provide the "glue" for allowing devices to communicate together, eliminate the extraneous steps of a repeatable sequence, provide lower-cost alternatives to an expensive IT situation, etc.So if you have a circumstance that seems to be beyond your in-house abilities to solve, contact us!

Some examples of our solution process include (but are not limited to):

Workflow Analysis

KAUi has been doing this sort of consultation for many years, and can bring that Fortune 500-level expertise down to match your particular business and circumstances. We can show you where the workflows are, and how they can be automated to reduce your expenese and yet produce greater productivity.

For more information, visit our Workflow Analysis page.

Migration/Porting Issues

In the case of the adoption of a new component into yout infrastructure, or the upgrade of a legacy system into newer regions, the concept of "porting" the current or older datastructures or interface applications is somewhat of a strain due to the previous experience on the items not being available, or vendor supposrt too costly to budget for. KAUi can provide you with the ability to migrate or convert your legacy interfaces or "glue" programs to work with the newer components so that all of your invested time and data is not lost.

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