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Developing for Free

Smaller or start-up businesses sometimes have to work with a tiny budget but produce production-level applications. Most of the major software vendors now offer totally free development tools that are the same as, or only slightly lees power as , their full production products. KAUi has put together a list of these for your use in etting that next big idea off the ground for free!


Googling your site

As your corporate web sites get larger and larger, your visitors may have trouble finding information on them...and you don't want to have to go through each day and redefine the way the site navigation is done. Thanks to Google, you can use their search engine technologies to address this issue...all for free!


Digital Certificates

With the sudden pervasiveness of spoofs, spy-ware, and phishing, the overtly paranoid will simply switchback to using written checks, newspapers, and ground-based physical mail - and in the process lose ground with current and potential clients altogether. Find out how digital certificates can both ease the mind as well as provide validation of identify to your clients and users.

Virtual Private Networks

Whether it's to access your work or home computer remotely, or to make sure all of your networking is done with a higher level of security, activating and configuring a VPN connection is much easier than describing how it works. Read our VPN basics page to get the specifics on how this can be done.


Dynamic DNS

Increased broadband usage means addressing becomes a critical issue. Find out how dynamic DNS helps your friends and clients to always find you.


Workflow Analysis

With a preceived need to decrease IT costs, how can your productivity increase?
Let KAUi's Workflow Analysis Team show you how easy that can be done!


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