KAUi Consulting

Consulting is an odd term that is often used to portray expensive and complex understanding of circumstances that may seem to be simple yet dynamic. At KAUi, "consulting" is a process of understanding your needs and providing the benefit of our experience in the IT industry to recommend what will work or in which direction you should go for your IT futures. As with any sort of problem, there are many answers that might work...but only a few or one that not only fixes your current needs but are also good for a longer-term solution that can take advantage of current and future IT directions.

KAUi offers consulting for system configurations, hardware and software concerns, and long term projects. We can design, implement, and train for customizable business applications and utilities. Our unique methodology is unsurpassed in industry knowledge as is our commitment to customer care and support. It is our job to stay current with what is past, present, and future direction of IT in general...and how that knowledge can be put to use for you!

Some examples of the consulting process include (but are not limited to):

Migration Consulting

Moving from one situation to another annually is something you can almost budget on...whether it be from the current version of your daily tools to the next set, or a complete switch-over from one entire IT infrastructure to another, KAUi can provide the advice you need to make that move in the right direction, as well as how much it will cost in terms of assets and productivity. We can also manage your migration project, or even implement it for you.

Internet Consulting

If you're confused about what to do with the Internet, don't worry -- we can help! KAUi can provide assistance in locating good hosting and creating your home page, getting your company's intranet web site up and running, or that specialized client/server eCommerce application written. And we'll make sure your pages work as cleanly as possible with all the major browsers, so that your audience will visit them again and again!

Computer Consulting

KAUi expertise in hardware and software technology stretches back to 1984, and we've been a part of the major developer programs since then. We currently assist in, or do development for, Windows (all currently supported versions), Linux, iOS, and macOS -- and continue to keep abreast of the IT world's latest developments. If you are trying to cut costs in any of these realms...or want to investigate a migration to others...we can help provide the roadmap.

KAUi is also a firm believer in cross-platform deliverability -- hence our use of such tools as Java and AJAX, Apache OpenOffice, QuickTime™,and other open source tools.

Network Consulting

The days of single-user applications are almost ancient history. In today's world, information must be shared and interpreted in collaboration. To provide that, networking expertise is just as crucial. Whether you're just trying to access the "Highway", need to link groups together to work or learn, or seeking advice on the next generation of LAN or WAN methodologies, KAUi can help.

Security Consulting

In these days of hackers, zombies, viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and other nasties, you may find yourself in the precarious situation of not trusting all you see when you sit down at your computer to do normal work.Rather than go ultraparanoid, a few changes in your security policies on yourcomputers and your IT habits can reclaim your peace of mind as well as let youdeal with customers and other business partners without worry. Secure web sites,protected documents, signed email, encrypted remote networking -- all of theseare easy to implement and use without having to reinvest all of your IT assets.KAUi can help select the solutions and policies you need, or place your existinginfrastructure under the scope to determine if you have possible problems now,and how to correct them.

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