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Current Smarter Idea: OpenOffice 4.1

In keeping with our recommendation of cutting down software costs, you should try the fully Microsoft Office compatible Apache OpenOffice, which with version 4.1 adds more new features and comes in a much easier installation package for all the major platforms and languages. Not only are many state and national government agencies using this option, but many UNIX providers are now bundling it into their distribution, making its use in the production world that much easier.


Previous Smarter Idea: Developing for Free

Small or start-up businesses sometimes have to work with a tiny budget but still want to produce production-level applications. Most of the major software vendors now offer totally free development tools that are the same as, or only slightly less power as, their full production products. KAUi has put together a list of these for your use in etting that next big idea off the ground.


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What's hot...

When Apple shifted their processor platform to Intel Core Duos, an interesting side-effect was the ability to make the Macintosh line boot into Windows 7 or later. Read about how, with BootCamp, Apple keeps this dual boot concept fresh in their latest version of macOS, code named "Sierra".

...and what's next!

The iPhone, iPad and the Android have changed the entire mobile phone and mobile computing industry. Developing applications for these platforms has become so easy that thousands of start-ups and almost every major commercial product or service now has an "app" for that. KAUi has been working with both of these development environments since their beta inception, and while we'd love to have your business in creating them, we can also get you started on doing it for yourself.

Here's Apple's "Getting Started" and Google's equivalent. Stay tuned for KAUi's Quick Guide for each!

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